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Three common types of extruder screw

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1. Ordinary screw is the most commonly used screw, which is widely used in various types of extruders. According to the pitch and thread depth on the screw, it can be divided into equal pitch and unequal thread groove depth, unequal pitch and equal thread groove depth, and unequal pitch and thread groove depth.

2. The difference between the new screw and the ordinary screw is that some non threaded elements are set at the thread part of the screw, such as adding some round pins or adding a thread with different distance from the original thread, so as to improve the mixing and plasticizing effect of plastics, improve the melting and plasticizing quality of materials, shorten the extrusion time and improve the production capacity.

3. Exhaust screw is a special screw specially designed to remove air, volatile gas and water vapor from extruded materials.
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